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Community Comes Together to Help Person In Need

Community Comes Together to Help Person In Need

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Last month we were approached by Sharlie Dei-Rossi, a young woman who was desperately trying to raise money for her sister.

Sharlie Dei-Rossi’s sister, Lyndsay Dei-Rossi,  is a 27 year-old nurse from Adelaide who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 8 years ago. MS is a disease which affects the nervous system, whereby the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spine are damaged. This damage disrupts the nervous system’s communication and leads to a deficiency in sensation, movement, and cognition.

Following her diagnosis Lyndsay continued with her studies, eventually going on to become a fully qualified nurse. However, due to her worsening condition she’s been forced out of work for the past 10 months due to her failing memory and vision. Unfortunately for Lyndsay she has had to move back in with her mother, and increasingly the whole family has been finding itself under considerable financial pressure as they struggle to make ends meet.

With all this in mind Sharlie Dei-Rossi turned to ‘GoFundMe’ for help and begun a kickstarter campaign aimed at helping the Dei-Rossi family transition Lyndsay from living with her mother to living in her own apartment. This is how we got in contact with Sharlie Dei-Rossi who gave a call out to SA’s northern suburbs community requesting assistance and donations. The results were breathtaking, Sharlie and her family managed to secure donations from:

☆Queen Elizabeth Hospital

☆Kennards Hire

Banner Mitre 10 in Norwood

Big W in Salisbury

Foodland IGA Salisbury

Bakers Delight in Westbourne Park

Bruce’s Butcher

Lions Club in Salisbury 

The Dei-Rossi’s story perfectly highlights the power of community, and the strength of our generous northern suburbs community. We helped out by providing a skip bin to help the Dei-Rossi family with their cleaning efforts, it wasn’t much, but we were glad to help out in the little way that we could.

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