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Do you need a skip bin for soil removal, dirt removal or sand removal? We have you covered with a variety of dirt, sand and soil skip bins for hire. Removing garden soil, sand and dirt can be a tedious task, however, we make it easy with Just Skips’ dirt and soil skip bins.

Whether it’s a smaller day task or months of shifting around dirt, sand and soil, we have just the solution for all your waste removal needs.

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Skip Bin for Soil, Sand AND Dirt removal: Specifications

If you’re looking for sand, dirt and soil disposal in Adelaide, our skip bins are a quick and easy solution. However, there are a few rules when it comes to dirt, sand and soil removal which need to be followed when loading a skip to ensure smooth processing at waste disposal facilities.

The following types of waste cannot be included in sand, dirt and soil skip bins:

general waste skip bins

General waste

brinks waste

Bricks and concrete disposal (including ceramic and concrete tiles)

electronic waste disposal in Adelaide

Electronic waste

green waste skip bin

Green waste

However, you can place the following in our sand, soil and dirt skip bins:

Clay (see also: clean fill disposal)
Stones (smaller than a tennis ball)

For a combination of waste types, please contact us on (08) 8255 6677 and we can assist you.

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Contamination is very important to avoid when filling your dirt, sand and soil skip bin. Even the smallest amount of other materials can be considered soil contamination and will not be accepted by disposal facilities.


Yes! Please take a look at our skip bin waste types if you are unsure about what can and can’t be loaded in a skip.

Below is an example of clean soil waste that is perfect for disposal. If you are still unsure if your pile of dirt is ready for removal in a soil skip bin, please contact us for more information.

soil removal, dirt removal and sand removal

Filling a dirt, sand and soil skip bin

There is no weight limit on our dirt, sand and soil waste skip bins. However, if you do order our largest, 9 cubic meter skip, it can only be filled three-quarters to the top as they will become too heavy to lift otherwise. Our two other skip bin sizes (including our mini skip) can be filled to the rim, but no higher. Learn more: What size skip bin do I need?

Just Skips can help with waste removal for all your projects, big and small with a range of skip disposal options available. You can hire skip bin to get rid of your general waste, green waste, landscaping & garden waste, bricks and concrete and e-waste. Just be sure to read up on the correct waste management procedures for these different types of waste before you load anything into our skip bins.

Organise your garden soil removal online!

Order your sand, soil and dirt skip bin online today from Just Skips. Choose from our three different skip bin sizes all available at competitive prices. Order a skip bin online, with same day delivery in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.

Here at Just Skips, we are dedicated to helping you get rid of your waste. We deliver the best dirt and soil removal services Adelaide has to offer. Please get in touch with us on (08) 8255 6677 if you have any more questions about what you can and can’t put in your skip bins. See our skip bin prices for more information on pricing or hire a skip online to get started with your sand, dirt and soil removal project.

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= 60x wheelie bins

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Mini – 4m 3


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Weight limits apply

1.7m W x 1.3m H x 2.4m L


I have had many skips from these guys for my renovations. Always on time, hugely accommodating, and fast pickup if needed early.

Great team and always easy to deal with. Drop off and pick up went smoothly and no issues. Driver was really polite and the actual bin was the best priced.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Just Skips if in the need for bin hire! I will always use Just Skips as I have done for many years now!

I have had many skips from these guys for my renovations. Always on time, hugely accommodating, and fast pickup if needed early.

general waste

Choose Just Skips Adelaide for skip bin hire

Whether you’re a contractor or homeowner, our reliable skip bin hire team can save you time and hassle. Let us handle your waste disposal with speed and professionalism.

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Dirt, sand & soil removal FAQ

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You can dispose of dirt and rock at the following locations:

  • Clean fill dumping sites
    Recycling centres
    Recycle it for future projects
    Hire a skip bins for dirt, soil, and sand
    Landscapers or builders that accept dirt
    Gardening centres that accept dirt

There are plenty of options when it comes to disposing of clay soil. These include:

  • Recycling centres that accept clay and dirt
    Recycle it for future projects
    Hire a skip bins for dirt, soil, and sand
    Create an online listing on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace
    Landscapers or builders that accept clay soil
    Gardening centres that accept clay soil

Aside from ordering a skip bin for soil disposal, you can try recycling large amounts of soil. Simply contact any landscaping contractor or garden centre, and more often than not they will be happy to take it off your hands. You will need to transport it yourself and sometimes there may be a small fee.

If you have hard soil lying around your yard, the best way to soften it is to add compost and use a hand cultivating tool. This way you can re-use it for future projects.

The most effective ways to remove any rocks from your soil is by using a tiller, a rake or a wheelbarrow with a wire screening fence over the top (this will essentially work as a strainer).

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