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Electronic Waste Disposal Adelaide

In Adelaide, strict rules are enforced around e-waste recycling and how computers, televisions, microwaves, and other electronics can be disposed of safely. This means they cannot simply be thrown away or placed in a general waste skip bin. Please read through the following information carefully before considering disposing of any electronics, and contact Just Skips if you have any questions about electronic waste disposal in Australia.

What is e-waste and why is it a problem?

Electronic waste (or e-waste) is the name used for any used or broken electrical appliances that are no longer wanted. It can include appliances like computers, televisions, stereos, microwaves, printers and so on.
Electronic waste contains a wide range of hazardous materials and chemicals, some of which are dangerous to human health or hazardous to the environment. Since 2012, it has been illegal to throw away certain types of electronics in South Australia. In fact, many electronic items, such as televisions, phones, computers, fridges, electronic toys, vacuum cleaners etc have been banned from landfill entirely. Instead, they must be recycled. Because of this, waste removal facilities will charge additional, substantial fees, or even return your electronic waste to you, if you attempt to throw out any e-waste items in a skip bin in Adelaide.

Electronic waste disposal

Because electronic waste is deemed a hazardous waste, it cannot be placed in any kind of skip bin or even your general waste bin (with the blue or red lid). So, when it comes to electronic waste disposal, what are your options? You can either:

  • Take it to a licensed recycling facility
  • Hire a skip bin (only valid for whitegoods, vacuum cleaners, DVD players, and lamps)
  • Dispose of it through your council’s hard rubbish collection service


electronic waste disposal infographic in Adelaide


Electronic waste recycling in Adelaide

So, where can I take e-waste in Adelaide? Within Adelaide, there are dedicated facilities for recycling electronic waste. Please keep in mind that some e-waste recycling facilities charge fees or do not take specific e-waste types. You can learn more about it on the East Waste website.

E-waste collection through your council

When you book a hard rubbish collection through your local council, you can often dispose of your electronic waste at the same time. This can include items like:
Televisions, VCRS, remote controls, speakers and gaming consoles
Computers and virtually all computer peripherals (including keyboards, mice, and other hardware)
Household appliances like vacuum cleaners, toaster and microwaves
Tools like sewing machines and electric mowers.

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Electronic waste disposal & skip bins

While whitegoods, vacuum cleaners, DVD players and lamps can go in a skip bin, the majority of electronic waste cannot. Below is a list of the e-waste types that cannot be disposed of in a skip bin. However, you can take these to your local e-waste recycling centre.
Mobile phones
Computers (monitors, hard drives, laptops and tablet computers)
Computer mice
Television sets
For more information, check out our Waste Types page or please contact Just Skips online or on (08) 8255 6677 with any questions.

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Electronic waste disposal FAQs

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The Australian government has developed an e-waste recycling scheme that allows everyone to recycle their electronic waste for free. This way, the valuable materials, including aluminium, gold, silver, and copper can be recovered and reused for something new. However, you can’t just throw your electronics into the yellow recycling bin. You will need to take them to a free recycling drop off point yourself.

Learn more: E-waste recycling process: what happens to your electronics

Environmentalists believe that e-waste will increase by more than 60% (approximately 223,000 tonnes) by 2024, according to the Victorian Government. Since e-waste is responsible for 70% of the toxic chemicals that end up in our soil and water supply, it’s vital that everyone is proactive when it comes to e-waste recycling.

Yes, most recycling centres in Australia will take your old microwaves, along with a range of other electrical waste. However, you cannot put microwaves into your general waste bin, mixed waste skip bin, or recycling bin, or take them to landfill.

Yes, CDs and DVDs do count as e-waste, so you still need to follow electronic waste disposal best practices when getting rid of them. If you like DIY and crafting, you might even want to turn them into something new.

Just Skips can accept CDs and DVDs in our general waste or mixed waste skip bins so you can dispose of them during decluttering

Computers and laptops can be safely and legally disposed of at any e-waste recycling facility or through your local council’s hard rubbish collection. If the laptop still works, you might also consider selling it online or giving it away for free.

Learn more: How to dispose of electrical appliances

Most e-waste contains precious resources like gold, steel, aluminium, plastic and glass – all of which can be reused and recycled into other products (circular economy). They’re also full of toxic chemicals that leach into our soil and water supply if dumped in landfill, so recycling e-waste is the only sustainable and legal disposal method.

Learn more: 12 e-waste facts the planet needs you to know

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