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How to Dispose of Car Tyres In Australia

How to Dispose of Car Tyres In Australia

At some point or another, you’ve probably found yourself with an old car tyre that needs to be disposed of. When you’ve got a bunch of other waste types lying around, it makes sense to just hire a skip bin and throw it all in, right? Wrong!

Car tyres are considered hazardous waste, and they need to be disposed of properly and legally. In fact, in Australia, 48 million tyres reach the end of their life, but only 16% are domestically recycled. This means the rest are either taken to landfill, are illegally dumped or are stockpiled – all of which aren’t good for the environment.

Read on to learn how to dispose of tyres in Australia and discover some unique DIY tyre recycling ideas!


Why are tyres considered hazardous waste?

How to dispose of car tyres

5 car tyre recycling ideas


Why are tyres considered hazardous waste?

There are a number of reasons why tyres are considered hazardous.

  • They are made of a flammable material, meaning they present a fire danger, especially if they’re in a stockpile
  • Stockpiles of tyres can also be ideal breeding grounds for mosquitos and pests. When tyres and other rubber products are burnt, they can release toxic gases that create a health risk to the surrounding community.

Can car tyres go in skip bins?

When learning how to dispose of tyres, an important thing to note is that they cannot go into any skip bin.  A general waste skip bin or any other type of bin cannot dispose of tyres because of they are a non-biodegradable material, meaning they do not break down in landfills.

Their flexible nature also means they do not stay buried and they take up excess space in landfills. For this reason, many rubbish collection services will not accept tyres.


how to dispose of tyres

If you need to dispose of old rubber tyres, the best option is to take them to a tyre recycling facility. This is where tyres can be recycled into new rubber products, such as brake pads, artificial playground turf, roads, and more.

Some tyre service centres will also recycle your tyres when you purchase new ones. You can learn more about this through Tyre Stewardship Australia. This is a scheme that aims to increase the number of tyres that are recycled in partnership with the Australian government.

5 DIY tyre recycling ideas

When it comes to learning how to dispose of tyres, you’re not limited to just taking them to a recycling centre. With a little bit of inspiration, you can turn scrap tyres into planters, ottomans, chairs, and much more!


1. Garden planters


A garden planter is a great way to upcycle your old scrap tyres and add some greenery to your outdoor area. With a few extra materials you can transform your backyard!


how to dispose of car tyres - turn them into a planter

 Learn how

2. Rustic ottoman


how to dispose of car tyres - turn them into an ottomon


Learn how

This rustic ottoman brings an earthy feel to any living room and no one will suspect it is made from an old tyre. Add a touch of style to your home with this upcycled tyre project.


3. Side table


how to dispose of car tyres - turn them into a side table


 Learn how


A great idea on how to dispose of tyres is to turn them into something new. A quirky side table is the perfect way to transform your scrap tyres. With some paint, glue and a table top, you’ve got yourself a gorgeous new furniture piece. 


4. Seats


 Learn how

Outdoor seating is a great way to utilise car tyres you have lying around and collecting dust. With this simple tutorial you can give your outdoor area a new look, perfect for an outdoor party!


 5. Dog bed


 Learn how


Tyres not only make a comfy seat for you but for your furry friend too! Follow this creative tutorial and make your four legged friend their very own tyre bed.


Proper disposal management with Just Skips


And there you have it! We hope this helped you understand how to dispose of tyres properly and gave you some great ideas for upcycling them. If you have other waste lying around that you need disposed of we have various skip sizes and skip bin hire prices. From mini skips starting at 4m³ to 6m³ and 9m³. You can also opt for either short term skip hire or long term skip hire. Hire a skip bin online using our online form or contact us today for more information.


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How to dispose of tyres: FAQs

Commonly, Scrap tyres are processed to recover valuable materials such as rubber, steel, and textile fibres. These materials can be used to produce new tyres, playground surfaces, athletic tracks, construction materials, and more.

Yes, broken or damaged tyres can still be recycled. In the recycling process, the tyres are typically shredded into smaller pieces. These pieces are then processed to separate the rubber, steel, and fibres for reuse in various ways.

Tyres are made from synthetic rubber, which is a non-biodegradable material. This means that they do not decompose naturally over time. Improperly disposing of tyres can attract pests and create environmental hazards. Therefore, it is crucial to dispose of tires responsibly and consider recycling options we touched on above.

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