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How Do I Dispose Of My Construction Waste?

Construction waste makes up the majority of the materials taken to landfill. In fact, over 19 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste was disposed of in 2008 and 2009. When disposing of building materials like brick and concrete, there are a number of safety precautions and standard practices that must be taken into account. … Continued

How To Recycle Waste From Construction

Excess waste can pile up quickly on a building site, so, it’s important to know how to recycle waste from construction correctly. Recycling makes a huge impact as it saves the earth’s precious resources and prevents harmful emissions from polluting the air. That’s why the easiest and most beneficial solution is to hire a skip … Continued

How To Add Height To A Garden

Does your garden feel too cramped? Or maybe you have too much open space, just waiting for new renovations. The perfect way to create more dimension in your garden is to add some height! Outdoor spaces are typically small and flat. By adding height it will not only be visually appealing, but it will also … Continued

How To Reduce Construction Waste

When you’re working on a construction site, waste can build up – fast – getting in everyone’s way, upsetting the neighbours and turning the site into an eyesore. That’s why it’s incredibly important that you take the time to plan your construction waste removal properly and try to reuse and recycle as much waste as … Continued

What Can Go in the Green Bin in Adelaide?

Not sure what can go in the green bin in Adelaide? We’re here to help! As experts in green and garden waste removal, we know everything there is to know about green waste. To make sorting your waste easier, we’ve put together this quick guide on what can and can’t go in your green bin. … Continued

How To Clear Out a Garden

Tackling an overgrown garden can be intimidating if it’s been a long time since there was last a clear out. Sometimes it is a daunting task that takes a little more than weed killer! We want you to feel happy that the entirety of your home is in tip top shape, so we’ve created this … Continued

How to Dispose of Brick and Concrete

Whether you’re giving your home a facelift, you’ve just finished a major landscaping project or you have excess construction waste, you need to know how to dispose of brick and concrete waste. The easiest solution to tackle waste disposal is to hire a skip bin. But, what skip bin should you hire? And what’s the … Continued

How to clean gutters: gutter maintenance checklist

Do you know how to clean gutters? Need a few pointers for gutter maintenance? Here’s a simple checklist to help protect your home’s gutters and downspouts.

The Importance of Recycling e-Waste for the Environment

Electronic waste – or e-waste – is more prevalent now than ever, especially in an age where we all have phones, laptops and computers. Let’s be honest, most of you probably have old mobile phones sitting in a drawer at home or a disused computer taking up space in the study, so why not recycle … Continued

What to do with garden waste

Garden waste doesn’t just mean plant and organic-based materials, it can include everything from dirt & soil right through to concrete. Learn how to dispose of it properly with Just Skips.

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