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How Do I Stop Neighbours From Using My Skip?

Most people generally hire a skip for one reason, and one reason alone: to fill it. You expect – very reasonably – that when you hire a skip you’ll be able to fit as much of your waste in as it will hold, and you’ll have control over what goes into it. This is important … Continued

How to Declutter Your Home

Having too many things cluttering up your home is a huge issue; especially when you are moving to a new place, selling or renting your house, or even planning a renovation. A mess of items you don’t know what to do with can be very frustrating and troublesome when it comes to organising and removing … Continued

Hoarding: A Life Surrounded by Rubbish

Stories of hoarders date all the way back to the Late Middle Ages and the publication of Dante’s epic poem, Inferno. Yet while we have long heard stories, and been deeply fascinated by the bizarre behaviour of hoarders, it wasn’t until the late Twentieth Century that psychologists started to properly examine this unique condition.

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