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The Benefits of a Minimalist-Inspired Home

The Benefits of a Minimalist-Inspired Home

Having a well-ordered, clean and beautiful home can create a calming space for you to relax during your free time.


However, as you become settled in your home, and you start to accumulate furniture, décor and knick-knacks, suddenly your once serene space becomes cluttered with objects.

It is something that can happen to anyone, even those who pride themselves as organisational kings or queens. As your house begins to fill and your available storage space dwindles away, it can even start to become quite stressful.

This is why many people are embracing minimalism when it comes to interior design and the décor of their homes. By removing all the furniture and other objects that are not necessary for comfort and liveability, you can come home to perfect order and organisation.

Minimalist homes are stunning to look at; the perfect examples of how simplicity can be beautiful. Not to mention, with less stuff in your rooms, there is less you need to clean. Less cleaning definitely equals a Zen state of mind.


What is minimalism?

Minimalism became popular as a style of artwork in the 1960s that focused on creating a pure and visual response from the viewer. This art was solely about the aesthetic qualities and was without complexity, themes, emotion or social commentary. Simple geometric lines and basic, neutral colours were common features of these paintings and sculptures.

In a minimalist home you will also find that clean, straight lines and geometric shapes are dominant features. Commonly the home will make use of pastel or neutral colours, with some bursts of a single bright colour as an accent that creates personality and attraction.

How to Achieve a Minimalist House

It’s best to start the process one room at a time. Consider your furniture and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need it?
  • When did I last use it?
  • What is the worst that could happen if I did get rid of it?
  • Do I love it?

For items that you do need but don’t want to clutter up your space, make sure they are stored away from sight. If objects are easy to put away then you are more likely to do it, therefore make your storage solutions accessible.

By removing a lot of furniture and decoration, there is less to look at within a room and your focus shifts to things that might normally escape your attention. For example the colour of your floors, the exact shape of your furniture, the quality of the artwork and the position of a fireplace within a room. Therefore it is important that the furniture you keep is good quality and styled well, as you will no longer be distracted from them.


It is obviously important to include some items that add personality and accents; otherwise you could go too far and your rooms could start to look a little austere.

The best items to choose are simple but impactful, such as a vase of flowers, a big but simple piece of artwork, a family photo or a colourful cushion, depending on what you prefer. However try not to include too many of these in one room as you can find that it starts to look like clutter again all too soon.

Striking the perfect balance takes a little practice, but it can make a world of difference.

Hiring a skip is the best way of removing your unwanted furniture and the rubbish you might find when creating a minimalist home. It is a low cost solution and with Just Skips, it is fast and simple to organise.

Book online or give us a call if you have any queries on (08) 8255 6677.

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