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How Much Are Skip Bins To Hire?

How Much Are Skip Bins To Hire?

Doing some spring cleaning? Clearing out all that green waste in your backyard? Or perhaps you’re planning some renovations? No matter your project, hiring a skip bin is the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective way of getting rid of your waste in one go.

If you haven’t hired a skip bin before, one of your first questions will be: how much are skip bins to hire? Skip bin prices depend on a number of factors. To help you out, we’ve created this short guide so you can choose the right skip bin for you and your project.


  1. Hiring period
  2. Maximum weight limit
  3. Size of the skip bin
  4. Waste type
  5. What can go in a skip bin?

How much are skip bins to hire? 4 factors to consider

1. Hiring period

Skip bin hire prices can differ depending on for how long you need to hire it. At Just Skips, we offer a short term hire period of up to 7 days for your convenience. However, you can easily contact us if you only need it for a few days!

How long can you hire a skip for?

Got a big project and need our Adelaide skip bins for longer than a week? Not a problem! This is available at an additional charge, and you can talk to our friendly team about this.

2. The maximum weight limit

At Just Skips, all our skip bins (including our mini skip bins – more on these below), have a weight limit for mixed waste. These cannot be exceeded or additional fees may be incurred. We’ll break down the weight limits below:

Skip Bin Size

Mixed Waste

Clean Fill

(No Other Rubbish)

Concrete/Brick/Tiles (No Other Rubbish)


0.6 tonnes (600kg)

No weight limit

No weight limit


1.3 tonnes

No weight limit

No weight limit


2 tonnes

No weight limit

No weight limit



Bin can only be ¾ filled

Bin can only be ¾ filled


What happens if I exceed the maximum weight?

If the bin is over the weight limit, the driver will inform our office staff before the bin is removed. You will then be contacted to work out a fair course of action.

3. The size of the skip bin

When you’re asking “how much are skip bins to hire?”, an important factor to consider is the size of the skip bin. At Just Skips, we currently have three different sized skip bins, and they’re ideal for both home and commercial use.

How much is it to hire a mini skip (4m3)?

At Just Skips, a mini skip bin is $250. These skip bins are ideal for small home renovations, garden clean outs and ridding your home of excess waste.

How much is it to hire a regular skip (6m3)?

A regular skin bin is $350. This skip bin size is perfect for throwing out large amounts of waste. It can accommodate heavy items, like old furniture and white goods, as well as green waste.

How much is it to hire a big skip (9m3)?

The skip bin hire cost of our big skip is $450. Need a bin big enough for construction waste removal or landscaping? The big skip is your go-to. Construction site waste like tiles, bricks, carpet and roofing materials can be disposed of in one go. It also has a drop-down door for your convenience!

4. The waste type

How much are skip bins to hire? Well, the last thing to consider is what waste you’re putting in the skip bin.

While our skip bins start at $250, there are additional charges for items like mattresses – which add an extra $30 per mattress.

What can go in a skip bin?

We’ve answered this question in another blog already, so you can read about what can go in a skip bin in detail there. But in short, you can put the following things in a skip bin:

  • General waste: boxes, timber, furniture, white goods, clothes, toys and carpet.
  • Bricks & concrete: bricks, pavers, concrete, ceramic floor tiles and roof tiles.
  • Green waste: grass, leaves, wood chips, bark, branches and other organic materials.

There are also plenty of items that cannot go into a skip bin (such as e-waste), so make sure you’re aware of them.


So, how much are skip bins to hire? At Just Skips, skip hire Adelaide starts from just $250. Choosing the right size skip bin can be difficult if you’ve never used one before. If you need help deciding which one is right for you, just give our friendly staff a call!

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