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How To Clean Out A Shed – A Guide

How To Clean Out A Shed – A Guide


how to clean out a shed - a guide

Spring cleaning & organisation isn’t just for your home – your shed deserves some attention too! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to clean out a shed, emphasising the importance of cleanliness and order. With the help of Just Skips, we’ll ensure you have the perfect skip bin for all your cleanup needs.



How to clean out a shed – a guide

Remove everything

Group things together 

Begin throwing away unwanted items

Clean the shed

Plan out your layout 

Begin restocking everything back in 


How to clean out a shed – a guide

1. Remove everything

Step one is to start with a clean slate by removing everything from your shed. Pull everything outside so you can see it all. This helps you find things you didn’t know you had and allows you to assess what you have, giving you the opportunity to make decisions about what to keep, donate, or discard.


Remember, we want to make sure we are decluttering. A good rule of thumb is to try to stick to the 20/20 rule, if you can replace it within 20 minutes for less than $20, you might consider donating it!

2. Group things together

Categorise your items to streamline the cleanup process. Placing things into keep, donate and mixed waste piles as well as keeping  specific categories together e.g. bike equipment, tools, gardening equipment etc. This will make reorganising the shed easier because you can keep all relevant things together.


Make sure to purge unnecessary items, keeping only what you need and will be handy to you. This will help your shed to stay clean, organised and clutter-free!

3. Begin throwing away unwanted items

Once you’ve decided on what you no longer need or are willing to donate, now’s the time to hire a skip bin. Identify what waste types you have to figure out the type of skip bin you’ll need. The majority of shed waste will normally fit in a mixed waste skip bin or general waste skip bin. This will also be the time to assess how much waste you have and figure out the best skip bin size for your task at hand.


For more information: What size skip bin do i need?

4. Clean the shed

Armed with a broom and perhaps a leaf blower, clear out accumulated dust and cobwebs. This step is crucial for messy sheds, especially if your shed has been untouched for an extended period. Use a cleaning solution of dish soap and warm water to clean your windows and fixtures. Don’t forget to remove mould and mildew from the shed’s exterior to enhance the shed’s overall appearance.


Once everything else is sparkling, it’s time to clean the floors of your shed. Sweep away dirt and grime before using a soapy solution to mop the floors thoroughly and ensure that you’re leaving your shed looking fresh and good as new.

5. Plan out your layout

Before returning items to the shed, plan a new layout for your shed for better organisation. This will help you keep your shed clean and tidy and avoid it becoming cluttered again. A good way to stay organised is to use storage boxes or shelving to store your items.

6. Begin restocking everything back in

Begin stocking all your shed equipment back within the categorised groups you created in step 2. Keep all the tools together, garden supplies together, bike equipment etc. This helps you find things that you need more easily because they are organised by relevance and category.

Declutter your shed with Just Skips

There you have it! A simple 6-step checklist on how to clean out a shed. We hope this helped you build a plan for your next shed decluttering project. At Just Skips, we offer skip bins of all different sizes from 4m³, 6m³ to 9m³, so no matter how big of a renovation project, we’ve got you covered. We offer disposal of green waste, brick and concrete disposal, soil waste disposal and much more. Get in contact with us for more information or order a skip bin now.



What’s the best time to clean out a shed?

There’s no right time to clean out a shed but most people like to declutter their sheds during the springtime as a part of their annual spring cleaning. Pick a day when the weather is good so you can spread out the contents outside to properly organise.

How do you empty a shed?

The best way to empty a shed is to:

1. Start with the little stuff like boxes, garden tools, books etc. to clear a path for the bigger items

2. Begin removing the bigger items

3. Put any rubbish put straight in a bin bag or skip bin.

4. Sweep & clean out the dust, grime or whatever is left over.

How much will a skip bin be to hire?

Our skip bin prices start at $250 for 7-day hire and go up from there depending on the skip bin size you’re after, the time frame and the type of waste you want to dispose of.

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