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How To Get Rid Of Old Furniture – 4 Ways

How To Get Rid Of Old Furniture – 4 Ways

Old furniture

If you’re moving to a new house, have purchased some new and exciting furniture for your home, or are a student constantly recycling other people’s furniture, you may be wondering what to do with your old furniture. And with hard rubbish only coming once per year (if at all) you’ll find that you’re going to need a better way of removing old furniture and belongings from your home.

So if you’re wondering how to get rid of old furniture and how a general waste skip bin can help you, read on for the four best ways to remove old furniture. Read on to find out more.


  • How to get rid of old furniture
    • Donating it
    • Selling it
    • Repurposing it
    • Throwing it away
    • How to get rid of old furniture – 4 ways

1. Donating it

This is an option you can take advantage of, but only if your furniture is in good condition. There are plenty of charities, community organisations and people online that would happy come to your home and pick up any unwanted furniture items at no extra cost. However, the larger something is or the older and more damaged something is the harder it can be to offload to someone else. Luckily, there are three more options if this tactic isn’t going to work for you.

2. Selling it

This is one of the most popular solutions, especially for people who have items that are still in good condition and were expensive to begin with. With websites and phone apps such as Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, this option is almost as easy as throwing it away. Plus, you will earn yourself a little cash on the side!

There are multiple options to explore when you’re looking to sell your old furniture.

3. Repurposing it

In this modern era more and more people are becoming handier with their belongings and finding clever new uses for their old furniture. There are a wide range of unique ways you can repurpose the furniture you no longer need, from turning old tables into kitchen islands and coffee tables into benches to cabinet bars and more! Repurposing is also a great option for those who are feeling crafty or think they can make something worth selling online. Who knows, maybe your old leather chair will be the next modern art installation!

Learn more: 6 Upcycled Furniture Ideas You Should Try

4. Throwing it away

For those just wanting to get rid of their junk so they don’t have to worry about it anymore, it is also the least stressful solution. However throwing your old furniture into landfill will impact global warming, as decomposing organic waste releases toxic gas. Sometimes old furniture is just old furniture and it just isn’t worth holding on to or selling to someone who won’t be able to use it for long because it’s so worn in already.

5. Hire a skip bin

Honestly, this is one of the easiest and quickest solutions to removing old furniture. Simply hire a general waste skip bin from Just Skips online, pick your nominated time for delivery, fill up your skip and that’s it! Plus, while you’re at it you can fill up your general waste skip bin with other waste, including glass, carpet, clothes, toys, boxes, plasterboard, paint cans, and more. Choose from 3 skip bin sizes (4m³, 6m³ and 9m³). We also offer super affordable skip bin prices at Just Skips! 

Declutter your space with Just Skips

So, if you notice a gorgeous three-seater couch you simply must have, or just need to dispose of some old furniture you’ve been holding on to, there are multiple options to consider when looking to remove your old furniture. But if you would like or order a skip bin today, contact us now and organise that old furniture pick up.

Plus, if you want to know more about getting rid of old furniture, or you have waste types questions you’re not sure about, get in touch with us today and we’ll help you out with all your waste management needs. We have information regarding, green waste, rubbish removal and much more!


How do I get rid of unwanted furniture in Adelaide?

To get rid of unwanted furniture in Adelaide, you have a few options. Consider scheduling a bulk waste collection through your local council, donating to charities or thrift stores, selling online, recycling centres, or hiring a skip bin. Community groups and second-hand stores might also be interested. Remember to check the condition of the furniture and choose the most suitable method for disposal.

How can I get rid of a large piece of furniture?

If you need to remove larger pieces of furniture, it may be worthwhile to consider a skip bin service, like Just Skips. This way you won’t need to cart larger pieces of furniture around, instead you can get it picked up straight at your home. 

Should I disassemble furniture if I want to throw it away?

Disassembling furniture before disposal can often be beneficial. It reduces the bulkiness, making transportation and disposal easier and more efficient. Smaller components can also be recycled or repurposed more effectively. Additionally, some disposal services or recycling centres might require furniture to be broken down for proper handling. Always make sure to contact the removal service beforehand. 

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