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How To Burn Garden Waste Safely In Adelaide

How To Burn Garden Waste Safely In Adelaide

If you’re dealing with a sizable garden and frequently find yourself with a heap of garden waste, including fallen branches, dried leaves, and clippings that overflow the green waste bin, you might be considering burning it off. While burning is an efficient method, it’s crucial to be aware of council restrictions and safety hazards associated with this approach.


We’ll guide you on how to safely burn garden waste in Adelaide, considering local regulations. Additionally, we’ll explore alternative waste management solutions to help you manage garden waste more efficiently. Let’s delve into the safe and practical ways of handling your garden waste in Adelaide.


How to burn garden waste safely

Fire danger season

Total fire ban days

Outside of fire danger season

Effective non-burning alternatives

How to burn garden waste safely

Knowing how to burn garden waste safely generally comes down to two things: your local council and what season it is.


For many councils, burning garden waste is prohibited, so it is essential that you check this before starting any fire. For many councils, burning garden waste is prohibited, so it is essential that you check this before starting any fire. There are some councils, however, that do allow burn offs, but a permit is required. The permit may also be met with restrictions regarding the size, duration and nature of the fire.


In addition to local council permits, the CFS also has restrictions in place according to the season:

Fire danger season

During the fire danger season, the burning of garden waste may be accepted in your local council area, but you will need to apply for a permit first. It’s important to understand how to burn garden waste safely before you start your burn to know how to control the flame and what to do in case of emergency.

Total fire ban days

On total fire ban days, the burning of garden waste – or any burns for that matter – is prohibited. Total fire ban days occur in the peak summer months when the fire and rescue services are likely to be managing bushfire hazards.

Outside fire danger season

Outside of fire danger season, the regular rules of checking your council apply. Even outside of fire danger season, you may need to apply for a permit. Therefore, knowing how to burn garden waste safely simply means taking the steps to ensure you are following the rules.

We should also note that applying for a permit does not always guarantee approval. So what do you do with all your excess garden waste then?

More information: CFS South Australia fire danger season dates

5 steps  to burn garden waste safely

If you do obtain a permit, have checked you’re operating within all regulations and it’s not fire danger season, here is how to burn garden waste safely:

  • Pick a well-ventilated spot away from buildings and plants to prevent accidents.
  • Ensure your waste pile is dry for efficient burning. Skip accelerants like gasoline. Opt for dry materials like dry leaves to start the fire safely.
  • Check wind conditions. High winds can spread embers. Be cautious or delay burning if winds are strong.
  • Have water, a hose, or a fire extinguisher nearby to handle emergencies.
  • Obey local guidelines on burning periods and restrictions. Stay in the know for a safer burn.

Effective non-burning alternatives

  • When burning your garden waste is not an option, there is a great, hazard free alternative – hire a skip bin!
  • Skip bins are a great way to dispose of all your excess garden waste efficiently and safely. Here at Just Skips you’ll find a range of skip bin sizes to choose from, including mini skips for smaller piles of garden waste.

Of course, if you do hire one of our green waste skips, we can only allow garden waste to be disposed of in the bin. This includes:

  • Leaves
  • Branches
  • Wood chips
  • Bark
  • Other organic waste material

Waste management solutions with Just Skips

Now you know how to burn garden waste safely, and that it’s largely dependent on your council area, and that most of the time it is not an option. However, with skip bins you can not only get rid of your excess garden waste but other types of waste too such as general waste, mixed waste and even brick and concrete removal. Contact us now for all your Adelaide skip bin needs.


Can you have backyard fires in SA?

In South Australia, regulations govern backyard fires. Generally, small fires for cooking or heating are allowed, but burning garden waste requires compliance with local council guidelines. Always check local council regulations and obtain necessary permits before starting any backyard fire.

How do you burn green waste safely?

If you have a permit to burn your waste, it’s not fire danger season and you’ve looking at other non-burning options, the safest way to burn your green waste is:

  • Choose a well-ventilated burning area away from structures and vegetation.
  • Ensure the waste pile is dry and ignition-ready
  • Avoid using accelerants; opt for dry materials to start the fire
  • Monitor wind conditions and keep water or a fire extinguisher nearby

Is it okay to use a garden incinerator?

Using a garden incinerator is okay, however, permits and regulations are still involved. Before utilising a garden incinerator, check with your local authorities for specific guidelines and obtain any necessary permits. Adhering to these regulations ensures safe and responsible disposal of garden waste while minimising environmental impact.

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