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How To Dispose Of Plant Waste

If you’re a lover of gardening or simply want to clear out your backyard, you may be wondering what the most effective ways  to get rid of your green waste are. Many people dump their plant waste in landfill, but this can have detrimental effects as compact waste is slower to break down and creates … Continued

How To Dispose Of Office Furniture

Rubbish removal can feel like an impossible task, especially when it comes to disposing of bulky items like office furniture. Not to worry, we compiled our top tips & tricks when it comes to learning how to dispose of office furniture and how to stay on top of your general waste removal plan. Read on, … Continued

How to dispose of large cardboard boxes

Whether you’re moving into a new home or you own a business, there’s no doubt you’ve accumulated large amounts of cardboard at some point. In most cases, you can simply flatten cardboard and place it into your home recycling bin. But, what should you do when you have large amounts of cardboard? The easiest option … Continued

E-Waste Recycling Process: What Happens To Your Electronics

E-waste has become a fast-growing problem all around the world. The amount of e-waste has even doubled since 2009 and continues to skyrocket out of control according to the Australian Academy of Science. With the toll e-waste is taking on the environment, the best solution is to learn about the e-waste recycling process and how … Continued

Christmas Waste Statistics in Australia

Over the years, Australians have become accustomed to overspending during Christmas time. After all, many of us have a long shopping list including things like food, presents, wrapping paper, decorations and more. Instead of recycling leftover Christmas goods, people often throw them away into their general waste bins, which can end up in landfill. In … Continued

What Can You Put In A Mini Skip?

Hiring a skip bin is an excellent way to manage your waste both efficiently and conveniently. Mini skip bins are ideal for small-scale projects like minor home renovations, garden clean-ups, and house decluttering. However, it’s important to know what types of waste can be safely disposed of in a mini skip bin. So, exactly what … Continued

5 Safe Waste Disposal Methods You Need To Know

Tired of seeing rubbish pile up and want to do your part in removing it ethically? We’re going to explore five safe waste disposal methods you need to know that reduce harm to the environment. From separating waste to hiring a skip bin, we’ll cover everything you need to know to dispose of waste sustainably … Continued

Home Composting: How To Compost Garden Waste

Whether you’re working on creating a brand new look for your garden or doing a weekly clean-up, gardening can create a lot of waste. The good news is you can turn that waste into something nutritious for your garden through composting. Composting is the natural process of converting green waste into natural fertiliser for the … Continued

How to Dispose of Gyprock: Quick Guide

Gyprock is a material that is extremely popular in today’s new houses, renovations and housing extensions. But, what is it? And most importantly, how do you dispose of it? To help you, we’ve put together this quick guide on how to dispose of Gyprock safely. Read on to learn more or speak to the experts … Continued

10 Easy DIY Projects to do at Home

Got a free weekend and want something to keep you busy? Or have some old furniture/decor that was destined for a general waste skip bin but could be repurposed? Look no further! We’ve put together a list of 10 easy DIY projects you can do in your spare time. Overview: Custom mirror DIY raised garden … Continued

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